Believe Foundation is committed to sharing goodness with the society by uplifting it for the better. And we’re blessed to have your support in our fight to end poverty. Therefore, a part of our gains through your purchase goes into empowering several underprivileged children with education. So, when hundreds of children prosper, together we will be able to break the barriers of inequality.

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Need Base India (A foundation for Child Care and Development)is a non-profit organization started in Dec 2009 with the intention to work towards addressing the basic and fundamental rights of child care, protection, health and education for children living on the streets, runaway children, orphans, children out of school or children under challenging situations. Over two decades, Mr.Rahim Shaik (Director, Needbase) has been working tirelessly to fulfil their vision of “Ensuring that every child gets a happy childhood which in turn enables them to become responsible citizens”

Need Base India has eight residential centres’ in Bangalore, supporting 450 children. There are total 8 residential homes split equally between Boys and Girls.

Noboddom Foundation works for vulnerable and underprivileged children in Bangladesh, a non-profit organization that is registered under the “Societies Registration Act. 1860 of the government of the people’s Republic of Bangladesh in 2019. The journey of this foundation is aimed at covering the education of 11.5 lakh street children in Bangladesh through the hands of some young dreaming people. Given that, the foundation has established more than 19 street children schools named “Save The Tomorrow School” since 2019, providing education to more than 650 street children countrywide and feeding them 1 meal. Noboddom Foundation dreams of a humane world where no child is deprived of education.

ASROY Foundation & Welfare Trust was created with the hope to alleviate poverty and fight illiteracy in Bangladesh. It has several projects to work in different levels of population irrespective of their age, race, color and religion with different aims. One of the most successful projects was ASROY (A Street children’s Right Organization for Youth). They dream of a better life for every single under privileged child of our society. Asroy is all about taking care of these street children through educating and nurturing them to become more beneficial outputs for our society.

SACO is a non-government voluntary organization working for the cause of the intellectually disabled and is registered by Social Welfare Department. It was established in 1990. The organization was formed with the thought of providing education and support to intellectually disabled children. SACO Disable School started its operation in 2006 under Social Association & Care Organization. It was initially attached to pre-primary & primary schools in Sirajganj District and has 95 students in the school. It aims to adopt measures for setting up special classes, vocational training, production centers or workshops suitable for intellectually disabled children and to mobilize the support of the government, public bodies, trusts and national and international societies for the welfare of intellectually disabled persons.

Foundation Program

The Foundational Program aims to equip the youngest age groups (10-13 years) with foundational skills. The program is designed to empower children with valuable learnings, attitude & skillsets to help them fend for themselves. It can later also be utilized as a bedrock to advanced level learnings.

ED - Support

Ed Support is designed to provide one-on-one teaching support to the children (8th-10th grade) in shelter homes. The program aims to bridge the learning gap between various sections of the society.  Apart from academic help, the program also focuses on strengthening children’s emotional health, confidence and aspirations to help them pursue a field of choice in future.