In every Muslim’s quest to live an uncompromised life, Lafz provides the solution in a range of Halal compliant personal care & beauty products. With it, people of Islamic faith all over the world can use pure, clean, cosmetic products that abide by Halal standards.

Lafz products are made in hygienic manner and does not contain any alcohols, parabens or animal ingredients. It is manufactured in Halal compliant factories, and the products are tested to be safe for use on human skin.

Zayn & Myza is a young & dynamic yet conscious brand committed to making beauty & skincare effortless to you. Our products are backed by science, 100% vegetarian, free from nasty chemicals & cruelty-free. ZM uses innovative formulas to meet the changing needs of the millennials.

Dr Rhäzēs creates scientifically proven products following the footsteps of the one of the forefathers of modern medicine, Muhammad Ibn Zakariya al-Razi. Dr Rhäzēs’ products provide effective , yet simple solutions to live a worry-free life such as Disinfectants, Vegetable washes and more.

ZM Labs is a fronturnner in providing personal care, health, personal hygiene and office care products around the world. Driven by a dedication to high quality. ZM Labs focuses on innovative products that are a result of a well-researched methodology. By studying corporate needs closely. We take a step toward making people’s lives easy and comfortable.