In a better tomorrow , one lit with
the brightness of education

"The most complete gift of Allah,
is a life based on knowledge."

Hazrat Ali xlbn Abi Talib (PUBH)

The first word to be revealed in the Holy Quran – “Read.”

The Hadith describes the pursuit of knowledge as the duty of every Muslim. At Believe, we enable an underprivileged child to perform this duty with every product that we sell. Our core values guide us to empower the community we serve by directing a portion of the proceeds towards educating underprivileged children.


Children help so far
Poor educational qualifications bag low-paying jobs
Underprivileged parents can’t provide quality education to their children
7 Generations, for a poor child to break out of the cycle of poverty low-paying jobs
1 Product, is all that it
takes to help a child
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Caring for vulnerable children

Need Base India works to empower children through education. We BELIEVE a good education leads to a happy childhood.

Caring for street children...

ASROY Foundation and Welfare Trust in Bangladesh looks after street children by educating and nurturing. We BELIEVE that street children could be very valuable members of society.
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Providing nutrition with education

Noboddom foundation has been providing education to more than 650 street children countrywide and feeding them 1 meal since 2019. We BELIEVE in a humane world where no child is deprived of education.

Caring for the intellectually disabled…

SACO (Social Association & Care Organisation) provides education and skill development to the specially abled. We BELIEVE in a better tomorrow for the intellectually disabled.
BELIEVE and BREAK the vicious circle of poverty to begin a virtuous circle of Empowerment through Education